Resident Amenities

Amenities - Recreation ,Wellness, Fitness


“Finally, high quality housing in Cullowhee! These units are brand new and it shows. I’ve rented from 4 different places in the area and this is by far the nicest so far. It’s also is refreshing to have a property manager who is actually available and who is working to make this place great! I couldn’t be happier to have found this place.”

Brandon R.


“As a parent Prospect has been a blessing. Marley has been wonderful to support our daughter while she is away from home. I am thankful for her patience and guidance.”

Hannah G.


“Love living here. Prospect has helped me have a great ending to my time here at WCU. Highly recommend living here.”

Cole B.


“This is by far the nicest place I’ve lived in Cullowhee, especially for the price. Everything is beautiful and brand spanking new. Highly recommend! Also, the property manager is the absolute best! She bent over backwards to help get us in our house on a tight deadline. So glad to be living here!”

Coral W.